paul walker

Paul walker death update !!

So doctor has confirm that Paul walker death was cause minutes after. The flame burned him alive.

Sad part is Paul walker was a great guy. He was in many movies we all loved to see. Our family has grown with his compassion of acting and much more.

The only thing that’s a bit mess up, is that people are talking a lot about Paul walker but not as much as the passenger that also lost his life.. May his family rest in peace and overcome this grieving.


reaction to Paul walkers death


One thought on “Paul walker death update !!

  1. I believe, according to
    the autopsy, Paul was still alive but either unconscious or so confused at the
    time that his body or God did not let him feel the fire. My 15 yr old son
    burned to death in a barn fire just 4 years ago. He too was burned beyond recognition. His autopsy showed the same thing,
    that he died from smoke inhalation, that there was soot in his airway so he did
    breathe it in. But he actually died from smoke inhalation, not the fire, is
    what the coroner told me. I don’t believe the coroner knows this for sure and I
    think maybe he told me this just to help my feelings because no mom wants to
    hear that their son suffered like that! This tragic accident of Paul and
    his friend brings back the day my son died. It is the most horrible thing
    a parent can go through. I understand that Paul was loved and adored by so many
    people BUT I think it is just horrible for details like this to be
    posted for the world to see. No parent wants to bury their child,
    especially knowing they suffered a horrific death. And no parent or family member
    should have to see things posted online stating he was alive and burned to
    death! What has this world come to that it is okay to write stories like
    this (that Paul burned alive) and have people think it is okay for this to
    be the world’s business?? : / I’m so
    confused! So sad!!

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